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Own your Digital course / Membership platform customized with YOUR content & branding, and get the support that you need.


ZERoStress WordPress gives you the ability to own your Digital course/Membership site Platform. Start with a fully customizable carefully designed template loaded with premium features and end up with your own platform, with YOUR content and YOUR branding.

It's that simple!



Free content


Create a blog layout for articles that are accessible for free by anyone visiting the site. Includes the ability for each article to be easily shared on social media.



Ebooks can be offered either as part of the paid membership area or as lead magnets throughout the free part of the site.

Courses &


Courses are offered either as one-off sales or bundled into a membership offer. Both options are available, visitors can purchase one or multiple courses, or enroll into the membership.

Notes from Lamont

  • Free content:
    • Articles will be added weekly - Currently has about 150 articles that can be used.
  • Paid content:
    • Ebooks will be added bi-weekly - Currently has about 100 ebooks that can be used
    • Currently has 12 courses in a text format. Videos and other formats need to be created.
  • Sites for inspiration

Notes from Georges

  • Free content:
    • Articles will be added weekly - 10 articles are included in the present agreement. More articles can be added as an add-on or by a VA.
  • Paid content:
    • Ebooks will be added bi-weekly - Up to 5 opt-ins (5 ebooks as lead magnet) are included as part of this agreement and 20 as part of regular downloads.
    • It is not clear how many courses will be ready and with what format. Videos need to be hosted by a video hosting company such as Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia. Depending on the length of each course, they will either be created in a textual form initially and modified as needed.


Here's what you get with your Digital course/Membership site platform!

  • Password strength meter for increase security of the platform. Clients will be required to create a strong password when they purchase a course or enroll into the membership.

  • Shopping cart with payment integration accepting credit cards (using Stripe). PayPal and/or Square are available as add-ons. All features of modern shopping carts are available, including coupons, trial periods, etc...

  • Multimedia lessons. Course content lessons can be created using videos, audio files, written content, images, and any type of downloads.

  • Prerequisites are available. Courses can be built using specific lessons as prerequisites. Clients/members would then need to have completed a lesson in order to be able to move to the following one.

  • Drip content. Lessons within courses can be dripped, meaning a specific lesson can be released after a specific date, or after a specific time after a student/member has enrolled.

  • Fully responsive. The entire site is already pre-configured for mobile devices. As new content is added, minor adjustments can be made with ease.

  • Members content only. Any page/article can be restricted to members only with ease.

  • Waitlist page. A waitlist page is included, which allow for the site to go live while the remaining content is being added.

  • A two-click backup feature makes it super easy to create backup copies of the entire site.

  • 24/7 site security monitoring. A system monitors the site for possible security threats and is a first line of defense against malware. You get an email alert in case of suspicious activities.

  • SEO optimization ready. Premium package allows for simple connection of the site with tools like Google Analytics. An SEO plugin is also installed should you want to optimize your content for search engine results.

  • Other languages. The site template language can be changed with ease, allowing native content in another language.

Important note: This template uses premium theme and plugins. Licenses support are included as part of the package for 6 months. I've added an additional 6 months of licence support for a total value of $792.

After that, they will need to be renewed at the client's expense.

Do you have other specific features you want or need?

Your get to own your platform, which means you can get add-ons as you wish and make your site evolve.

Template before


Client site after



  • The development can be started right away and coordinated with Rebekah.
  • If a domain name and hosting has already been secured, then the membership platform will be created on the live domain name. If it hasn't, the membership platform can be started on a server provided by ZERoStress WordPress and the site migrated once domain is secured by client. Assistance can be provided to choose an appropriate hosting for the membership site.
  • All content and branding is to be provided by client, directly or coordinated with Rebekah.
  • The template includes a waitlist page that can be used immediately to drive traffic to the site as it is being built, if necessary or desired.
  • Time frame for completion of the site with said content above is eight (8) weeks from start of project.
  • Start of project is upon receipt of first payment
  • Additional and/or ongoing content addition can be provided as add-ons. Additionally, training can be provided to VAs for further content addition onto the membership.
  • Five (5) hours of training are included with this agreement.


I recognize that support is essential and a key component for the success of any project that involves tech. I take great pride in providing outstanding customer support and by making clients a priority. This comes from personal values and ethics that have allowed me to excel in a previous career as a corporate pilot flying top Silicon Valley executives worldwide. Today, I continue to apply the same principles. I have strong references that can be provided if necessary.

The success of your project is my success!





Georges is a respected Franco-American web designer known for his ability to make the most difficult concepts easy to understand and use. Many have had the pleasure to learn from him to build their own website and membership site and benefited from his method.

" Georges is not only a vast wealth of wisdom and an incredible teacher, he's a pure delight to work with. " - Janelle Lester


I wouldn't have the website or business I do if not for Georges' teaching, kindness and patience. Shoot, wouldn't have a business at all if not for him! The tech alone would've been enough to stop me from moving forward and my pursuing my dreams. I'm so thankful I've learned, and am still learning, how to customize a website I love and am proud of, AND that it truly can be FUN. Georges is not only a vast wealth of wisdom and an incredible teacher, he's a pure delight to work with.



If you are looking to revamp or create a new website, there is no better place than Zero Stress WordPress. I have recreating a beautiful new bilingual website with Georges' help. He is a great teacher and shows you step by step how to create your pages. So if you are looking to create either your first website or membership and save a couple of thousand dollars, ZEROSTRESS WORDPRESS is the way to go.



In the past, I have hired expensive designers to help me build websites for my business. Unfortunately, they never truly understood my vision and I was left frustrated, out of money and time. When I found Georges, I was a little skeptical. I came in more than a little overwhelmed and intimidated by WordPress. Within a very short period of time, Zero Stress WordPress took me from being technically challenged, to building a gorgeous site that I am immensely proud of.



Georges is the 'right' guy to help you build your digital business. He is patient, helpful, the most incredible teacher I have ever worked with. When I was thinking about creating a website for my business I felt overwhelmed. Georges reassured me and accompanied me through the process step-by-step. Additionally, at each stage of the development he offered ideas to improve what I planned as well as many resources that I could immediately put to use on my site. Unbelievable!!!



After just a few months of working with Georges inside Zero Stress WordPress, we are positioning ourselves to double or triple our revenue in the next five years. Without having to pay thousands and outsource to vendors who never listen, we can now do it ourselves in a fraction of the time, AND our site now welcomes and inspires. Thank you Georges for helping us increase our income while developing a long-term membership site that is taking Bushido Karate Dojo WORLDWIDE.



I was scared to move it to WordPress because I am not techie and felt so overwhelmed. Then I discovered Georges in a mutual business group.  He helped me create a sales page that looks amazing and I relaunched my membership. I now have 30 paying members with a much more functional platform that works for me! I couldn't have made this happen without his support.  My only regret is not finding him sooner! This is the best money I've spent on my business in a very long time!




Upon receipt of payment, we're entering into an agreement.

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My guarantee to you is to make sure you're 100% satisfied with the result. I shoot for nothing less.


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