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Hi, I'm Laurel Chiten

Indie Filmmaker turned entrepreneur

"I was struggling to put together a website for a new business and was at a point when I was ready to throw my computer out the window. I had a vision of what I wanted my site to look like, but could not figure out how to get there. Georges saw I was struggling and jumped in to help.

Georges completely over delivers. He is not only a master with WordPress, but also supports the overall vision of all my businesses and helps brainstorm ideas for marketing, etc... Because of his teaching and mentoring, I have been able to launch 7 websites and landing pages including building a multi-lesson digital course from the ground up. I am now able to run with any of my business ideas because I know that I can easily create an online presence for each of them. It is rare to find a teacher like Georges, who gives 110%."


WordPress without the stress!

Keep it simple and learn the easy way from the get-go with step-by-step procedures in terms you understand !


To help you build your online presence with ease and fun at your own pace!

Get unlimited access to:

  • A weekly Live WordPress Training session
  • The Lab - A weekly Office hours style session where you can hop on and hop off as you wish, ask questions and work with me live
  • A monthly Live Masterclass
  • All Training Courses (Signature courses are not included).
  • All Custom Landing Page Templates
  • The ZERoStress WordPress Starter Site to jump start your design experience.
  • A selection of over 100 pre-built websites that can simply be installed and modified
  • A private ticket support system to get direct access to me and my support.
  • The private Facebook group community to get extra support & community engagement
  • A total of over 350 videos including training material and replays

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Life changing WordPress courses and masterclasses for the creative - content creator

Build and manage your WordPress site without stress & frustration. Keep it simple and learn the easy way from the get-go with step-by-step procedures in terms you understand, i.e. no wasted time, no tech overwhelm.


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