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The Perfect Image


The easy way to create perfect images for your sites every single time. Full size background images, images that are consistent in dimensions, transparent images, etc. No more secrets, this course gives you the foundations and tools to create images that makes your site look professional. And, all of that using FREE online tools.

Course features

  • Full video curriculum: Each video addresses one specific point. The course is very easy to follow and gives you everything you need to know to create perfect images.
  • Highlighted steps: This course is designed to give you the confidence to create perfect images to make your site look professional.
  • FREE tools: All tools used in this course are FREE online tools anyone can use.


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Build and manage your WordPress site without stress & frustration. Keep it simple and learn the easy way from the get-go with step-by-step procedures in terms you understand, i.e. no wasted time, no tech overwhelm.


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