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Have you ever wanted to tell a story on video and wondered where to start?
Did you think that filming would be expensive and require a professional crew?

This video was filmed using just my cell phone, No tripod, No film crew, while being interviewed on Zoom!

Would you like to peek into the edit room and learn how this was all put together?

I am thinking of putting together a workshop with Laurel. Laurel has over 30 years of experience as a documentary filmmaker and has offered to use this short video to teach you the basics of how to make compelling videos that captivate your audience and help grow your brand -- without needing a big budget. These techniques can be used for creating testimonials, case studies, etc.

She will break down, step by step, shot by shot, edit by edit, why she made the decisions she did and how a film is crafted, of any length for the maximum impact. These principles can be applied to any editing platform.

You will learn:

  • Preproduction. What you need to know before you begin
  • Production: How to capture and run an interview remotely (using smartphones)
  • Post production:
    • Tell the BEST story with the footage you have.
    • Find the right visuals, music and sound effects.
    • Have your video land on the right CTA for your service or product.
    • Avoid mistakes that many people make.



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While waiting, check one of my courses already available in the library!

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